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Tip #4 - Maintain Complete Vehicle Maintenance Records

Documenting the work that has done on your car is extremely important. You should never leave the car dealer without a detailed statement of what was done to your car. This written proof is integral towards keeping a well documented history of your car for future reference. Therefore, always insist on receiving a copy of the work orders for your records. Having these records on hand will make selling or trading in your car much easier later on.

FAQ #3 - What is a "Lemon?":

The American Heritage Dictionary defines a lemon as: "One that is or proves to be unsatisfactory…" (Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston, 2nd College Ed., © 1985). However, in an attemptt to further define such a broad definition, the Lemon Law defines certain situations which entitles car buyers to their money back or a replacement car. Simple said, any defect or nonconformity, or combination of defects, which is not repaired within a reasonable number of attempts or a reasonable amount of time, may entitle the car buyer to lemon law relief.


Find the VIN number for your vehicle:

There are several different places that your VIN may be found on your vehicle. First you should be able to find it on your vehicle's insurance, registration, inspection and title records. If not, the VIN is usually stamped on a metal plate and attached to various visible spots on a motor vehicle.

This stamped VIN plate can be under the tire fenders, back wheel wells, in the trunk under the spare tire, on the driver side door jam (when door is open) and under the hood in the front of the engine block or back of the engine compartment. Many new vehicles also have the VIN etched in the bottom right side of the windows.

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Every vehicle has a 17 digit VIN - a unique motor vehicle ID number. It is short for "Vehicle Identification Number." This special number was assigned at the time your vehicle was manufactured, by the manufacturer. It's like your vehicle's social security number. No two vehicles in the USA have the same exact number. The VIN is used to track your vehicle's location. insurance policies, accident reports, registration, inspections, and anytime you have body or engine work performed on your vehicle. Also it plays an important role in identifing your vehicle if it is ever stolen.

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