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VIN History


How do you find out the VIN number of a car?

A car buyer can simply ask a seller for the 17 digit VIN number which should be on the car registration or title. They also can find the VIN right on the vehicle. Usually, the VIN number is located on the frame of the front doors, on the dash near the window, on the engine, or around the steering wheel. The number is also listed on a car's guarantee and maintenance booklet. If you can't find the number yourself, you can either call the car manufacturer or check a state maintained web site that provides information about where it can be found.


VIN Number History

Get a free VIN History check or learn more about the history of VINs below.

History of the Vehicle Identification Number "VIN". In the mid 1950's American automobile manufacturers began stamping and casting identifying vin numbers on cars and their parts. The auto identification number has become referred to as the "VIN". The obvious purpose was to give an accurate description of the auto when mass production numbers were starting to climb in very significant numbers. Research has shown that early Vin's came in all sorts of variations which depended on the individual manufacturer at that time.

In the early 1980's the National highway Traffic Safety Administration (U.S. Dept. of Transport) required that all road autos must contain a 17 character VIN. This established the fixed VIN system for major auto manufacturers as it is known today. Thus, establishing a unique "Finderprint" style number for each unique auto which rolled off the assembly line.

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